The word beautiful means so much more than that.



'everyone is a lady' au → Teen Wolf (inspired by x)

Genderbent characters from:

Scott - Seychelle Gabriel (Falling Skies)

Jackson - Amber Heard (Drive Angry, The Playboy Club)

Stiles - Ashley Rickards (Awkward)

Derek - Phoebe Tonkin (The Secret Circle)

Boyd - Aja Naomi King (How to Get Away with Murder)

Isaac - Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars)


when fandoms collide: a various collection of parallels

Thinking outside the box compared to the rest of the troop even when told to leave—impressing leader/love interest and others.




this is one of the sweetest gestures i’ve ever seen. i mean, most of the models would’ve just walked away and leave that poor girl there, on the ground.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a model do this. 

Hey, we’re not all complete assholes.

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Q: You just wrapped a film after working on it for a long time- what’s the first thing you want to do with your free time?

is this man aware of how barton-y he really is because it’s alarming

894654139th proof that jeremy renner is actually hawkeye